vendredi 23 septembre 2011

First thesis piece

Hey! Finally finished my first piece for my 4rth year Illustration thesis. I'm working on a project illustrating quotes by Oscar Wilde about the Victorian era. I love that time period and I also find the dualities of good and bad kind of crazy and horrible and humorous all at the same time. This first piece has two quotes. On the left is "The one charm about marriage is that a life of deception is necessary for both parties", so the husband is leaving for work unaware that his wife is having an affair with the young fellow in the corner, while later on we see the husband on the right being pulled into a questionable establishment, and the quote is "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. I can resist anything but temptation". There's a lot I like about it but I do need to tinker with it a bit more before it's finished. Onwards to the next piece!

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