dimanche 24 juin 2012

Steam On Queen

This Saturday I went to my first Steampunk event - Steam on Queen, a one day street fair on Queen in downtown Toronto. And let me say, it was absolutely amazing. It was organized in front of the Campbell House, built in the 1820's, now a museum:

Unfortunately I didn't think to take photos of the event until the end of the day, when things were winding down so you can't see the artisan's tents, but it was jam packed with all kinds of vendors - jewelry makers, corset and clothing designers, leather work, curiosities and trinkets. On top of everything there were also many live performances - first singers (Steampunk music is some of the weirdest/most interesting I've heard), then belly dancing, I think there were 3 groups. The first were traditional belly dancers, and the last 2 were a mix of tribal and music I can only describe as Victorian inspired:

Again I wish I'd taken better photos, though my friend Anne managed to snap a few good ones I think. I also brought prints of my work and met a lot of really great folk, among them were this awesome couple, travelling performers in the Mental Floss Side Show. The gent goes by Archibald Floss, and the lovely lady is known as Charlotte Tann. I managed to get a great photo of them posing together:

The first artisan I met was Melissa Hamel-Smith and her husband, she runs Kaotic ekko's curiosities. She had all kinds of awesome designed things, and we talked a lot about fairs and events, among other things. I also met a corset artisan, Victoria Wilson, who makes really spectacular designs and I am hoping to do some work with; as well as the owner of a shop in Kitchener called Strange Utopia. She sells oddities and artist prints, and bought one of mine. The last (but not least) individual I met was one of the belly dancers, and she (as well as pretty much everyone else) was super friendly and nice to talk to.

I introduced myself to the organizer of the event (and leather artisan), as well as some other people running the event, and will try and get some products going (prints, polymer clay sculptures and other things) going and will apply for a table for next year. Also I learned a lot of great info from these people about the Steampunk community here and in Montreal, and the events and websites to check out. I'm excited and can't wait to see what comes of all this :D

www.steamonqueen.ca <--- the event's website
www.campbellhousemuseum.ca <--- the museum

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  1. Ha! Thats ME taking down my tent in your first photo!
    Emma from www.landfilldesigns.ca

    Glad you enjoyed the show!