samedi 23 mars 2013

Quick snaps of Old Montreal

The same night I went to Jihanne's vernissage at Galerie 203 I decided it would be nice to take a few quick photos of the old part of Montreal (the gallery is on Notre-Dame street, one of the main streets in that location - I kept tripping on cobblestones haha). Some turned out ok others were blurrier as I was in a rush to get into the metro, it was cold! I wish I had time to go down a few of the streets to get a good overall view of the area, next time I guess.

Hope you enjoy :)

Jihanne Mossalim at Galerie 203

My good friend Jihanne Mossalim just had her first ever solo vernissage for her exhibition at Galerie 203 in Old Montreal this past Thursday, it was super awesome. She produced something like over 40 paintings in the recent past and they were featured in the show. Most of them have an eerie, dark dreamy feel to them that I love, they make you feel nostalgic and kinda creeped out at the same time. It seems like there was a pretty great turnout from what I could tell, and I was super happy to see one of my Dawson friends achieve a great milestone in her career. It was great catching up with her and I'm looking forward to an awesome day of painting together sometime in the near future! All in all it was a great night and it got me really motivated to keep working hard at my paintings, which I will be posting here soon.

I took a few decent photos, enjoy :D!jihane-mossalim/cpz3