mercredi 9 décembre 2015

My latest pendant

One I worked on recently, it's a little ghostie in a victorian style pendant! :3

vendredi 4 septembre 2015

Pirate Cove finished!

This is a piece I've been working on and off on for about 2 weeks, it started out as a practice with an image reference..but I liked it a lot so I turned it into a finished illustration :D

I will be adding this one to my portfolio ^^

Here's the original image, copyright for that goes to the original photographer (unfortunately I couldn't find their name):

mardi 14 juillet 2015

Syn Studio Digital Painting Final (sort of)

Hey guys, been  a while since I've posted.

This spring I took an awesome digital painting class at SynStudio (Studio Synesthésie) here in Montreal. Under the guidance of the awesome Christian de Massy I went from sort of not having much of an idea how to paint well digitally to feeling like I have the basics down and produced my very first environment. I used to focus almost exclusively on figures and portraits before. My portfolio desperately needed one of these! I wanted to show you guys the image I submitted before I rework it for my portfolio. I am trying to get into the entertainment industry as a concept artist and want to polish it some more.

Anyway here we are! :D

dimanche 26 avril 2015

Two more tonal studies (25-30 mins)

SynStudio week 2: 30-40 min tonal studies

I just finished these studies for homework (and will be attempting 2 more right now as it seems most of my classmates did about 6 each). Its really good practice and I would like to do more of these in the future :) so difficult to not use the eyedrop tool! Our teacher gave us reference photos to work from, so I will choose 2 more.

vendredi 24 avril 2015

Moogle pendant

Woo! Just finished my second moogle design, which I'll be printing on a small scale and making pendants and other pieces! Will also be selling prints of this guy :D

mardi 21 avril 2015

Digital Painting class 2: electric boogaloo!

So we did some tonal studies on reference photos our teacher gave us. We had 20-30 mins on each one (I wasn't feeling well at the end of the class so I didn't get to finish it >__<) Also we couldn't use colour picker/eyedropper! We had to guesstimate the values and use the tonal scale! It was a good exercise and I'm seeing now a lot of what I need to work on.

dimanche 19 avril 2015

Monster/Alien Silhouettes

So I started taking a Digital Painting class last week at SynStudio and our first assignment was to make silhouettes related to our final piece. Here are my monster/aliens:

vendredi 20 mars 2015

Kerbal Space Painting!

After many hours, I finally finished my belated Xmas gift for my boyfriend! I`m really pleased with how this turned out and looking forward to starting my next painting :)

mardi 27 janvier 2015

Latest Character Design! Kasey for Don't Starve mod!

A friend who works at Ubisoft, Ryan Deschamps, commissioned me to make a mod for Don't Starve for his girlfriend for Xmas. We struggled with figuring out the parts for the animation a bit (the game engine handles it) but in the end it worked out well! Had a lot of fun designing her :D

Kasey loves to sew! If it isn`t already obvious.

A view of the mod in the game!

Her equipable bag (one of her designs!)

Steam link:

Kasey makes rad bags!

Special thanks to Pierre-Louis for all the help! :D